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Fitness Bombshells, fbombs for short (and sass) are women ready for a healthy social life. Looking for real people, real conversation and FUN? Join FBOMBS! We literally give you the friend pool and the resources to enjoy your social life. Skip the awkward friend dates, the bar scene, the networking events. Your tribe is here.

We bring together independent women who want a supportive community to connect to on a regular basis.

We host events for the open minded, the risk takers, and big dreamers to connect and have fun. Our events are sprinkled with high brow conversations and a witty but solidly low brow sense of humor. We are open minded, curious and willing to listen to the world around us. 

Join us, tell us your stories and get ready to be celebrated like a boss. Your good vibe tribe awaits.  

Bling2o Cupcake Goggles

I started fbombs because I want to facilitate positive change in the world around me. I want to provide the space and the conversation for women to discover their best self. I want a place to talk and be heard, to listen and learn and a most of all a place to belong. 

Whatever it is, bring it here. We'll figure out together.

mad, crazy, BIG love-